What if everyone isn’t beautiful?


A great article in the New York Times that challenges social expectations on who is beautiful. What if we looked at beauty as just one trait some people were born with, like musical ability or a sense of humor? We don’t fault others who aren’t capable of playing Beethoven’s 5th Symphony on the violin? We don’t look down on people who can’t paint like Monet? So why consider beauty a requirement for success and love?

Why Do We All Have to Be Beautiful?



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“Autism” Speaks: Part 2

“Autism” Speaks: Part 2

Please read previous post for the first half of the story.

Jacob is one of the cool guys. He has a superpower, the power of invisibility. Walks through halls like he’s wearing the One Ring. Kids look through him, as if through cellophane. My problem? Jacob doesn’t want to be invisible anymore.

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“Autism” Speaks

I apologize for being remiss in posting anything for a while. Family matters took priority, as I’m sure We the Average people understand. Those darn kids, always cramping our style!

I’ve copied below the first half of a short story I wrote that was published in two literary magazines: The Galway Review, out of Galway, Ireland; and Watershed Review, out of California State University, Chico, CA. It features “Autism,” the entity, as the narrator. It’s based on a true story that happened to my son with autism, when he was a freshman in high school.

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Do High School Dances Fuel Our Children’s Insecurities?

*Pictured above: Some cool kids from Flickr, whom I’ve never met, getting ready for the high school dance.

My seventeen-year-old son came home Saturday night from his high school winter formal with a look that could summon the dead. Misery. Pure, unconditional misery.

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