Are Youth Sports Too Competitive?

It might not be an issue for We the Average, who didn’t get the invitations to “select” soccer teams or have the money to pay for elite pitching lessons. But a great article in Parenting magazine reveals what we’ve known all along: competitive sports at too young of an age cause immediate and long-term problems, not just for the super kid but for all of us.

Are Kids’ Sports Too Competitive?

The question is, will parents listen?

“What parent isn’t bursting with pride when a crowd of spectators erupts in cheers as her child makes a game-saving goal, hit, or catch?”

That’s the crux of it, isn’t it? The problem is We the Average parents have to endure their antics in a culture that rewards winning at all costs. Worse, our children become collateral damage when “winning” doesn’t stop at the goal line but seeps into the classroom and onto the playground, where there is no escape.

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