The humility and honor of a perfect parent

True story. A perfect mom, whose son is in my son’s 11th grade class, posted fifteen pictures of her daughter on Facebook, after the twelve-year-old won two gold medals at an elite gymnastics meet. Here is one of the follow-up posts from another dad.

“Congrats to Mackenzie and congrats to the parents (Kathryn that be you) for watching all the other contestants until Mackenzie’s turn finally came up!”

For We the Average – here is your role model of what the best parents do. This mom, Kathryn, actually performed the noble deed of sitting through the other girls’ routines before her daughter took the stage. What sacrifice! What nobility and honor! Not only do we have the privilege of witnessing the daughter’s accomplishments, we also have the opportunity to praise the mother for her selfless deed. If only all parents were as patient and kind to sit through other kids’ performances. Word is Kathryn even applauded after each loser’s routine.

“Way to go, Mackenzie! Looking good, Mom!”

“Which one’s the daughter and which is the mother?”

“Smokin’ hot mama! Still got it!”


4 Comments on “The humility and honor of a perfect parent

  1. Same with high school wrestling. My son is on the mat for a couple of minutes at most and then doesn’t have another match for hours. We’re at some distant school. What else to do but sit and watch the other matches? Each boy (and some girls) is doing his very best!

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    • Absolutely! Swimming, wrestling, track, gymnastics, martial arts: all individual sports, yes, but our child is part of a team. For my son, that team is the only way he gets to feel a sense of belonging. “Each boy (and some girls) is doing his very best!” Thank you, Paul. That is the truth of it, and I applaud you for supporting all the kids! Who knew it was such a parental feat to
      be a decent person?


  2. In the world of what’s best for me and to be damn with everyone else. I also applaud the parents making a difference in all kids life not just their own child. I know of a local high school girls basketball coach who has no talent to work with and typically gets beat by 50 points each time out. His team never gets down and enjoys their time on the court due to his positive nature and each kid knows he has their back. Parents of the opposing team even comment to him what a great job he does with his team. Thanks to all the individuals who try to make life more bearable in this “Me” world.


    • Scott, you’re right! Coaches are a huge part of teachable moments. There is so much money to be made in the world of “elite” athletics, which reinforce the “superiority,” or at least the economic class, of perfect parents and their children. Kudos to the coaches and parents who are teaching life lessons and making the court a fun, stress-free environment for kids. Thanks for commenting!


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