The Laws of Average celebrates the 10 to 90 percent, those hardworking, wholehearted women, men and children who know what it’s like to be vulnerable. We are the ones dealing with disabilities or struggling to make the grade. We know what it feels like to be excluded or depressed. We sometimes question our capability and our worth as parents, students, teammates, employees, sons and daughters. And yet, we love deeply, laugh often, and lead with integrity, knowing only two certainties exist when it comes to parenting: 1) no child comes with a manual, and 2) by law, the hospital makes you take those babies home with you.

For all the P’s—the Perfect Parents who bred the most Popular, most able-bodied child Prodigies—we recommend you skip this blog. Give yourselves more time on Facebook to promote the new yacht or share that video of Timmy’s walk-off home run. May your lives be as wonderful as the blue-green grass you planted on the other side. For everyone else, come on in! The water’s fine. Probably one of those perfect kids peed in it.

*Pictured above: Susan Berardi and her average, wonderful family.


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