NYT: What Straight-A Students Get Wrong

Hail to the Average!

Spoiler Alert: Beware. This article does NOT solely praise straight-A students.


Dear College Parents

It’s that time of year! The kids are coming home for the holidays! Check out Grown & Flown’s letter to college parents. I wish you nothing but sanity this holiday season.

Dear Freshman Parent

At least I’m not one of them

For twenty-two years, I’ve doubted my value as a parent. I’ve questioned every decision, worried about my children’s ability to make it through the cruel world of K-12, beat myself up over every mistake. But hindsight is 20/20, and, at this point, I can confidently say, at least I’m not one of them. Keep Reading


Six-word story

I’m taking an online writing class to supplement my Masters program in creative writing. The assignment this week was to create a six-word sentence that makes up the story of my life’s journey at this moment in time. Keep Reading

Why We Should Helicopter Parent

A new study featured in The Onion shows the importance and benefits of helicopter parenting. Average parents, pay heed!

The Onion on Helicopter Parenting