Bad mother spotted by dozens of onlookers!

A shocking report in The Onion stated a single mother with three children was spotted in Lincoln, NE, committing multiple crimes against parental decency and suburban child-rearing expectations. This is no longer an issue for the big cities, people; this outrage is happening in our own backyards.

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New Year’s Resolutions!

To:                  We the Average

From:              The woman you won’t find in Chicken Soup for the Mother’s Soul

Re:                  Welcome to 2019!

Time to celebrate, friends! The holidays are over; the days are getting longer; the haters are safely ensconced back in their lairs, judging us from a distance. And though they rarely work, I’m investing some energy into the following New Year’s resolutions:

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Kindergarten parent to teacher on first day of school:

“I won’t believe everything she says about you if you don’t believe everything she says about me.”

PTO, PTA: Let’s Call the Whole Thing Off

A great post on Renegade Mothering, which is quickly becoming one of my favorite blogs.

Why does the PTA hate us?


The Best Kind of High

I shouldn’t have done it. Granted, everyone else was doing it. People worse than me had done it and come through just fine. I thought I could handle it. I thought I’d be different. Besides, nobody, and I mean nobody, warned me against it. They said it’s the best high I’d ever feel, completely safe. So, yeah, I confess. I did it. Read More

What our Elf on on the Shelf is up to

Corrupting all the elves from Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.

What is your Elf up to?


NYT: What Straight-A Students Get Wrong

Hail to the Average!

Spoiler Alert: Beware. This article does NOT solely praise straight-A students.