Dear College Parents

It’s that time of year! The kids are coming home for the holidays! Check out Grown & Flown’s letter to college parents. I wish you nothing but sanity this holiday season.

Dear Freshman Parent

At least I’m not one of them

For twenty-two years, I’ve doubted my value as a parent. I’ve questioned every decision, worried about my children’s ability to make it through the cruel world of K-12, beat myself up over every mistake. But hindsight is 20/20, and, at this point, I can confidently say, at least I’m not one of them. Keep Reading


Six-word story

I’m taking an online writing class to supplement my Masters program in creative writing. The assignment this week was to create a six-word sentence that makes up the story of my life’s journey at this moment in time. Keep Reading

Why We Should Helicopter Parent

A new study featured in The Onion shows the importance and benefits of helicopter parenting. Average parents, pay heed!

The Onion on Helicopter Parenting


Nouns vs. Verbs vs. Adverbs

I’m a verb parent. Most of us born after 1965 are. We’re not just “parents,” we “parent.” Noun parents remember their years of parenting with nostalgia; they did nothing wrong. Verb parents remember their last hour of parenting and think they did everything wrong. Born of noun parents, who knew nothing of my grades, feelings, dreams, tortures, or bottom-feeder role in the social hierarchy, I did what everyone was doing at the time. I procreated. Keep Reading