Plato’s Foresight

A new Op-Ed in The New York Times by Bret Stephens is worth reading. With all the controversy surrounding Facebook’s practices and motives, Stephens digs down to the fundamental reason behind Facebook’s profound effects on the demoralization of our culture.

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Parent Accepts His Child is not Perfect!

Check out this article at the blog,, and its shout-out to We the Average Parents, who know our children are less-than-perfect, but we love them anyway.

Parent Accepts Child is to Blame

When “Parent” was just a Noun

You remember those days. When we were young, and our parents’ idea of “parenting” was to shove us out the door in the morning and make sure we didn’t return until dark. When we were deathly ill, and they told us we’d feel better after we ate something and went to school. Or when we finally told them about our troubles with the school bully, and their response was a fake punch in the shoulder and a “Their loss, buddy. Keep your chin up.” Keep Reading

Getting the Most Out of Facebook

(Trigger Warning: May offend the P’s: Perfect Parents who bred the most Popular child Prodigies)

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What If’s for a New Moral Code

David Denby, in his nonfiction work, Great Books: My Adventures with Homer, Rousseau, Woolf, and Other Indestructible Writers of the Western World*, writes about a professor of philosophy from Columbia University who is smoking in a subway terminal. A police officer approaches and demands he put out his cigarette. Keep Reading

We the Average: Spoiler Alert! Do NOT read if you are in the top 2.5% of humankind


I had to fast for the fortune teller, no eating or drinking after midnight. The company required the blood test to confirm the year of my death. Keep Reading